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Protecting the tradition of natural healing in Ireland

In Ireland people enjoy access to a range of complimentary and alternative therapies which are supportive to them in times of health and illness. 

This freedom cannot be taken for granted and CAM therapists work together to ensure freedom of access to therapies and natural healing advice for their patients.

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Upcoming Regulation Impacting Freedom of Speech and CAM Treatments

Upcoming legislation called the Cancer Advertisement Bill may have severe consequences for the practice of natural healing in Ireland

Standards of Practice

CAM supports high standards of professional training in natural healing therapies

Professional Bodies

CAM therapies are subject to rigorous self regulation and are governed by a code of ethics and practice

Patient Care

Natural healing does not seek to replace orthodox medicine but rather to work alongside it in providing support for patients

World Health Organisation

The WHO report (2019) strongly supports Member States in providing safe, qualified and effective traditional and complementary medicine services

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